Federal Law Search provides selected information on cases initiated in the Federal Court of Australia and in the federal law jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

The database is updated in real time and includes all cases that have commenced since 1 January 1984. As the database is being continually updated, the results of a search may vary from time to time as new information is entered.

Use of the database is subject to the terms and conditions available under "Terms & Conditions" below

Information that is displayed

  • the name of each participant;
  • file number;
  • the date the case was commenced;
  • type of application eg, migration, trade practices;
  • the type of each document filed in the case and the date on which it was filed;
  • past and future hearing dates;
  • the current status of the case;
  • a link to the judgment;
  • where available, the text of Orders made; and
  • Caveats in the admiralty jurisdiction

Information that is not displayed

  • in cases where there are a large number of participants (eg, native title or representative actions), not all participants may be recorded;
  • the contents of a filed document - to inspect a document you will need to attend at the relevant registry and pay the prescribed fee. Note that access to some documents requires the leave of the Court;
  • the type of documents filed prior to July 2004; and
  • case information or documents that are subject to a suppression order by the Court.

Using information obtained through Federal Law Search

This database may be relied upon for the purposes of:

Before relying on the information in the database for any other purpose, users should carefully evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance to the purpose for which it is to be used. It should be noted that, in relation to a proceeding, the information on the database is not the formal record of the Federal Court or the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.


There is a possibility that information stored in this database may contain references to deceased persons, sacred or secret material and inappropriate terminology which, though unintentional, may cause distress to some people.

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